There are multiple venues to pursue in expanding your Van Briggle pottery collection. There is the option of buying directly from the Van Briggle website, where you can get the most recent pieces of art offered. You can find coveted Van Briggle vases and other pieces on Ebay, often for great prices. As you become more and more familiar with how to quickly identify a Van Briggle piece of pottery, you may even stumble across a hidden treasure at a garage sale or estate sale.

Buying Van Briggle pottery secondhand from a garage sale or estate sale will be one of the most exciting experiences you can have as you expand your collection. You have the hunt of searching through boxes, on top of tables, and items scattered through an estate. You carefully pick up your piece of primitive pottery with that dull matte finish and look under the bottom. You notice a large V, followed by the rest of that telltale Van Briggle signing. Perhaps you will even find an original cast, signed by the potter himself!