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Van Briggle Pottery Values – Pricing Experience

I’m able to provide you with pricing assistance based on the following information:

  • I was a partner in a major estate liquidation business for four years and during this time I’ve been involved in pricing hundreds of thousands of items.
  • I’ve sold antiques and collectibles at area flea markets for several years.
  • I have friends who’ve been collectors for well over forty years and I rely on them for assistance when needed.
  • My friends and I visit area flea markets, antique shows, and estate sales to keep current on pricing and pricing trends.
  • I have a thorough understanding of the psychology of pricing and what the market will bear as it relates to pricing.

Before asking my advice on pricing, just remember that any given price is simply an educated guess based on my experience, that of others more knowledgeable than me, and the research I do when required. I’m not a certified appraiser as I feel it would be more of a hinder than a value in helping others who wish to sell one piece of Van Briggle or an entire collection.

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