As you pick up a variety of pieces from different sources, you may find yourself curious about each piece’s history and date manufactured. There are several excellent books available on Amazon to guide you and help you date your Van Briggle pottery. These books contain a repetroir of pictures and marks.

The first book you will want to add to your library is called, “The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Van Briggle Art Pottery: An Indentification & Value Guide.” This book contains over 800 pieces of Van Briggle pottery. The book also has plenty of information about the creation processes, dating your pottery, and other company material. We purchased ours uses from Amazon and haven’t looked back since.

Another book you may also want to check into is, “The Story Behind the Clay: A Comprehensive Guide to Commissioned Van Briggle Specialty Pieces” book which has quite an impressive showcasing of some of the most unique Van Briggle pottery pieces you could ever come across.