About Van Briggle Pottery

Born of Dutch descent, Artus Van Briggle began his fame as a world class painter using a brush and canvas. Van Briggle trained at the finest academies and received the highest honors from the Paris Salon for his work on an easel. After spending much time in the studios of Paris, Van Briggle packed his belongings and made a trek halfway across the world.

After spending some years as a celebrated artist at Rookwood pottery, Van Briggle decided to move and start his own pottery company. In 1899, Artus Van Briggle moved to Colorado Springs to begin anew. Using the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding scenery as inspiration, Artus opened Van Briggle Pottery. Van Briggle Pottery quickly became the American tradition in art pottery that it is famous for today.

Artus Van Briggle was able to express his artistic passions through the forms and colors of pottery. Using ancient Chinese masterworks as inspiration, Van Briggle created satin matte glazes. Artus was able to bring a pallette of colors out of the kiln that modern artists struggled to achieve. Using clays of the earth, feldspars, oxcides, and the burning hot flames of a kiln, Van Briggle transformed his creative mind and hands into exquisite media.

In the spring of 1901, Artus Van Briggle achieved perfection in the rich matt glaze pottery for which he is famous for. Against the odds of contracting teberculosis and countless tries, pottery collectors once again had the opportunity to admire the soft marble glazes first thrown by Chinese masters of generations past, rekindling the fires of a lost art.

As you hold a piece of Van Briggle pottery, you are holding a piece of fine artistry and craftsmanship, created by an artist with years of experience in bringing the eyes, hands, and soul into clay.

Perfecting the art of the matte glaze, Artus Van Briggle quickly began taking shape upon Art Nouveau pottery designs. These works of art were shown across Europe to the best art judges where they were proclaimed, “A supreme discovery in modern ceramics.” Art critics across the world took note of Van Briggle pottery and brought international acclaim to this American artist and potter.

Shortly thereafter becoming famous across the globe and hearing of his art winning the highest awards, Artus Van Briggle passed away to tuberculosis. Van Briggle Pottery is the descendant of an amazing artist and potter who was able to rekindle the fires of a lost art. Succeeded by his wife, Anne, she carried on Artus’ vision into the company and its future artists of American Pottery.

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